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This conference is the launch event for the EuroWistdom project which aims to create new Television drama featuring women scientist and engineers in leading roles. It is supported by the European Commission. Both male and female professionals in movies and TV come together with people from science and politics to discuss some key subjects with female students of technology: How can scientific issues be turned into exciting TV drama and movies? Which strategies and opportunities exist for new audience formats and genres? What are the future themes in science and technology?
Although the figures vary across Europe, in Germany only two percent of all professions shown in popular TV series are based on a science or technology background. In the 1990s female police inspectors pervades Europe’s TV screens. When will women researchers and women engineers follow suit?

The EU-sponsored EuroWistdom project (www.eurowistdom.eu) seeks to build on the many years of experience gained from a British initiative set up by BBC producers. Developing new screenplays with technological-scientific topics and female leading roles is being financially supported in this project across Europe. The launch event in Berlin is followed by further events in Paris and Ljubljana.

We very much invite writers, producers, editors, and representatives of business, science and technology, and politics to participate.


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